Jean-Baptiste-Santoul - Sustainability through innovation

“Meeting Jean-Baptiste Santoul in Wash and Coffee in Amsterdam”

Yesterday evening we received a phone call from Jean-Baptiste Santoul, General Manager Laundry & Home Care Benelux at Henkel. “Are you still in Amsterdam?” He asked. “I want to share with you the new sustainability strategy that we developed. It’s called Achieving more with less. Can we meet in Wash & Coffee?”
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“Sustainability through innovation”

” Achieving more with less is our new Sustainability Strategy 2030,” Jean-Baptiste says, “the goal is achieving more with less and tripling efficiency.”

“That sounds ambitious,” I say “does this include the entire value chain?”

“The entire value chain and all business sectors,” Jean-Baptiste says. “By 2030, we want to become three times more efficient. Triple the value we create without increasing our footprint made by our operations, products and services.” Continue reading