by CoolBrands People

We created a personal landing page for Jean-Baptiste, so that he can share his personal reputation with the rest of the world.

We interviewed him on different occasions and wrote several stories.
We did several photo shoots with Jean-Baptiste, to make sure you find the right pictures from him.
And we streamlined other existing content he had available, to match it with his positioning and make it findable online.

It is important to transfer his ‘real world reputation’ into the online world.
As we all know, we live in a reputation-based economy, where Google is the new background check…

When people Google you, they base their opinion on what they see on the first page.
Most of the time they just scan the titles, so we have to make sure these are relevant.

The stories are short and written in narrative form.
Because of the ‘information overload’, people do not want more information…
…they want a story they can relate to.

We created ‘CB Personal’ – a service that will help you create and update your ‘personal reputation’ online.
We do this by creating content. Writing your story, taking pictures, creating video footage and making sure these stories pop up on the first page when people Google you.

For more information or to subscribe, visit

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